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Our commercial window cleaning staff use traditional methods for cleaning low level & internal windows, glass panels, partitions & mirrors at premises right across London.
Using clean soapy water & a squeegee operatives can easily and tidily clean all low level windows.
All our cleaners have many years experience in these methods as these are the tools they used when they were starting out in the business.
As there is no need for ladders or access equipment, this method of cleaning is ideal for Restaurants & shop front windows.
All chemicals used are bio-degradable and any residue is wiped away before leaving your premises.

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Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning

Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning

The water fed pole cleaning system works by pumping a constant feed of pure water up through a carbon fibre pole on to the window, this is then scrubbed, rinsed and left to dry naturally to leave a streak free finish.
Our Reverse Osmosis system reduces water to its natural state by our intense 5 stage filtration system that removes all impurities like calcium & chlorine to give it far more dissolving power, so the remaining pure water literally sucks up the grime from the windows, leaving them sparkling clean.
The use of 100% pure water in our water fed pole cleaning systems does not leave any soapy residue behind so, windows stay cleaner for longer.
Since the introduction of water fed pole systems, working at height is no longer a safety issue. The water fed pole system has allowed our cleaners to keep their feet firmly on the ground whilst still effectively being able to reach and wash windows up to 60ft. In short, cleaning using a water fed pole system is the safest possible method for cleaning windows.
A water fed pole system is an alternative to hydraulic platforms, abseil or cradle window cleaning for those awkward, medium height access areas.

Rope Access

Rope access (Abseiling) is often utilised to access awkward or very high areas that hydraulic or conventional methods of access are not suitable.
All our abseilers are highly trained and adhere to the strict IRATA guidelines and are trained to level 3, level 2 & level 1 and are experienced in a number of building maintenance activities whilst at high level.
Our abseil technician installation team can install and carry out periodic testing of abseil points and fall arrest systems right across London, Essex & Hertfordshire.
Pigeon netting, brickwork maintenance, gutter repairs, silicone sealant application, facade cleaning, pressure washing and of course window cleaning are all activities that are suitable for abseil technicians to carry out.
All our quotations are carried out by IRATA level 3 abseiling experts, so you can be assured that any information supplied is correct and that your quotation will be accurate.

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cradle window cleaning

Cradle Access

Window cleaning on high level, commercial buildings takes place using pre installed cradles specifically for cleaning and maintenance works to be carried out. They are fitted as part of the original structure of high rise office blocks and apartment buildings. All around London, you can see window cleaning taking place using cradles or BMU’s (Building Maintenance Units). Window cleaning is a necessary part of any building maintenance program and as such, should be carried out at regular intervals to prevent the building appearing shabby or disrepaired.
When window cleaning from cradles, all tools are prevented from falling with the use of lanyards attached directly to the cradle. All our cradle operatives are full aware of the safety precautions and ensure they are taken. Cordons and signs are placed at ground level to create a safe working area.
Our сleaners and building maintence operatives in London, are experienced and trained on site to the specific operation of every cradle they use. Many have come from a cradle maintenance background, and as such, are as familiar with the operation of these as they are with any window cleaning tool.

Platform Access, Cherrypicker Access

For those slightly higher or slightly more difficult to reach window cleaning situations, a hydraulic platform (cherrypicker) is the perfect solution. We have an entire range of platforms at our disposal from a machine that is less than 1m wide with a 24m extension, which is perfect for window cleaning in atriums & internal areas, to truck mounts with up to 60m extension.
Although the height that these machines can reach is generally the attraction, they may also be considered for the outreach. The ability to reach across sensitive areas and to place a window cleaner exactly where he needs to be is a great advantage.
Before any platform is brought to your site, an onsite inspection will take place to ensure that the correct machine is used to carry out the job. All platform drivers are IPAF trained to ensure safe operation.

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Commercial window cleaning London services are one of the most in demand services we provide here at Regency Cleaning. Commercial window cleaning enables you to promote a professional image, put your best foot forward and improve your building’s curb appeal.

Professional Image

We are passionate in helping our clients promote a professional image at all times. A clean work area can improve productivity and help team members be more focused on their work. Clean windows offers the same benefits, while also ensuring that your clients have a great first impression as they arrive at your premises.

Any Height

 All our team are IRATA members and IOSH Health and Safety Trained. This ensures that we can carry out any project with complete confidence. Our abseiling and rope access team can work at any height, ensuring your windows are clean. We will assist if you need your first or second floor windows cleaned or you want us to clean the thirty fourth floor.

Improve Appearance

 Commercial window cleaning London ensures that your building has an improved appearance and that the life span of your window is extended. Clean windows helps you identify any problems, that wouldn’t be visible when dealing with a dirty window.

Safe and Affordable

 Our commercial window cleaning London services are safe and affordable. We offer cost effective services with a knowledgeable and experienced team who bring years of experience to the mix, ensuring that they complete each project to the highest of standards.

We pay close attention to detail to ensure we complete your project to perfection with minimal disruption and within a short period of time.

Contact our experienced and qualified team today and let us provide you with the most effective and affordable commercial window cleaning London services today.