Façade Cleaning London & UK

Rope access facade cleaning is used for a ‘hands on’ clean to the frontage of buildings.
Due to traffic fumes or the build up of algae, these may have stubborn dirt or colour discolouration that needs removing.
Abseiling from the roof of the building is especially effective in situations where a hands on clean is required or due to restricted access or due to the height of the building.

Aluminium Cladding

Aluminium cladding can often fade or lose colour. So, by using professional teams and approved restoration techniques, after cleaning thoroughly, the colour can be restored to look like new. Our rope access teams carry out this work where scaffold is not practical.

Brick & Stone

Brick & stone facades can become extremely dirty from traffic fumes. As a result, requires periodic, intense cleaning using jet washing. Our superheated water machines gently and effectively steam away dirt and grime to restore their beauty.

Glass Facades

Glass facades or curtain walling to any height can be cleaned using rope access window cleaning techniques. All our rope access technicians are highly trained to IRATA standards. Atriums can also be cleaned internally and externally with the use of rope access or access platforms.

Glass Canopies

Glass canopies can be easily accessed by abseiling teams using jet washing or hands on cleaning techniques. Algae and dirt is washed away to leave a perfect shine. Consequently producing perfect results every time, even in the most awkward situations.

Case Studies


Natural Stone Facade


This facade hadn’t been cleaned for many years, in fact not within the memory of any of the tenants or the management company. Over a period of a weekend, the stone work was brought back to its former glory.
Natural stone facades are naturally porous, consequently allowing dirt to be absorbed into the stone. Under high pressure cleaning, the stone can be damaged and dirt can be pushed further into the substrate.
The use of superheated water to 150 degrees centigrade at low pressure ensures that dirt and soiling is not pushed further into the stone, but is in fact, drawn out and rinsed away. This method of natural stone cleaning is approved by the National Trust as the most sympathetic method.

stone cleaning london

Stone Facade London


This building on the Strand in London’s West End was undergoing intense refurbishment works.
After years of neglect and some rather dubious attempts at cleaning, this façade was well overdue some TLC. During the cleaning process, poor attempts at cleaning were revealed. Evidence of high pressure cleaning showed itself with scarring to the delicate substrate.
Using superheated steam and low pressure cleaning techniques, we managed to bring it back to its former glory.

vogue house natural stone

Vogue House

West End of London

When the new buildings went up in Hanover Square, featuring natural stone, the facilities team at Vogue realised that their building wasn’t looking its best. We were brought in to revitalise the façade to look fresh and clean.

Our rope access teams moved in to steam clean the entire stone element of the frontage. Working through the night to minimise disruption, the team gave the building manager something to be proud of.

BMU Facade cleaning

30 Storey New Build


Regency London Services were commissioned to clean all areas of this building façade using the existing BMU for access.
A ‘hands on’ approach was required to ensure perfection was achieved. As you can imagine, this was a very time consuming job, but the satisfaction of a job well done made it worth while.
All areas, including windows, ceramic cladding and metalwork were all cleaned for the construction company, ensuring that handover went without a hitch on time and on budget.

The Torik Stone Cleaning System is at the pinnacle of stone cleaning technology. Using 150 degrees C steam to gently and effectively remove years of algae & dirt without causing any damage to the substrate.

Manufactured by Tensid (UK) Ltd using the very best components, this equipment gives the user confidence in producing superb results with longevity built in.