Cladding Cleaning London

Our teams of cladding cleaning experts operate in London & anywhere in the UK and subsequently, are experienced in solving many cleaning issues.
Whichever method you choose, we can assure you that your cladding will be cleaned to look like the building you first moved in to.
If you would like is to provide a quotation please feel free to contact us via phone or email, at which point we will make a site visit and provide a solution to your dirty looking building in London.

Steam Cleaning

For buildings that have maybe seen some neglect over many years, where algae & moss have become an unsightly problem, a hydraulic platform and steam cleaning may be required to get a ‘hands on’ deep clean. Using low pressure, high temperature steam from our Torik steam cleaning machines temperatures of 150 degrees C can be reached. This means that all algae spores are killed on contact. to allow for a longer lasting clean.

Exhaust Fumes

Cladding, like anything else that is exposed to the elements can get very dirty, often due to the lorries and vans that deliver and dispatch goods at the premises.
This cladding can be cleaned in much the same way as the windows. Using our water fed pole systems and de-ionised water, cladding cleaning up to 60ft from ground level can effectively and safely take place.


A complete Risk Assessment & Method Statement including any COSHH requirements will be presented before any works commence, giving you peace of mind that all safety requirements are being upheld.

Access Methods

No matter the position or height of your building, we will arrange for the most suitable access method to reach every corner. We regularly use MEWPS and abseiling to carry out cladding cleaning right across London. Whichever method is the most suitable, the work will be carried out with the safety of our staff and yours in mind.

Some earlier projects

Cladding Cleaning From Cherry Picker

Steam cleaning

Warehouse Unit Coventry

This commercial unit needed to be steam cleaned as the cladding was heavily soiled with vehicle fumes. We removed the build up before being leased to a new occupant. A MEWP was brought in and the entire building, including the roof, was cleaned using zero chemicals.


Water fed pole cleaning

Industrial Unit Harlow

This industrial unit in Harlow had a build up of algae on the roof top plant housing cladding. Water fed pole systems and elbow grease were all that was required to bring back the shine.


Abseiling 'hands on' cleaning

Residential Block Romford

These aluminium bris soliels were looking very grubby after years of neglect. At 12 stories and on a high street, it was not going be a simple task to get them clean again. Our team of abseilers went in and cleaned every one of them by hand, using neutral detergent and plenty of cloths.