Cradle Window Cleaning

Window cleaning on high level, commercial buildings takes place using pre installed cradles specifically for window cleaning and maintenance works to be carried out. They are fitted as part of the original structure of high rise office blocks and apartment buildings. All around London, you can see window cleaning taking place using cradles or BMU’s (Building Maintenance Units). Window cleaning is a necessary part of any building maintenance program and as such, should be carried out at regular intervals to prevent the building appearing shabby or disrepaired.
When window cleaning from cradles, all tools are prevented from falling with the use of lanyards attached directly to the cradle. All our cradle operatives are full aware of the safety precautions and ensure they are taken. Cordons and signs are placed at ground level to create a safe working area.
Our window cleaners and building maintence operatives are experienced and trained on site to the specific operation of every cradle they use. Many have come from a cradle maintenance background, and as such, are as familiar with the operation of these as they are with any window cleaning tool.