Cherry Picker Window Cleaning London

Cherry picker window cleaning is ideal for those slightly higher or slightly more difficult to reach window cleaning situations, cherry picker window cleaning is the perfect solution. We have an entire range of platforms at our disposal from a machine that is less than 1m wide with a 24m extension, which is perfect for window cleaning in atriums & internal areas, to truck mounts with up to 60m extension.
Although the height that these machines can reach is generally the attraction, they may also be considered for the outreach. The ability to reach across sensitive areas and to place a window cleaner exactly where he needs to be is a great advantage.
Before any platform is brought to your site, an onsite inspection will take place to ensure that the correct machine is used to carry out the job. As with any large machinery, there is a cost involved for hire and running costs. It is often the case that our clients choose to complete several high level tasks at the same time, using the same platform. For example, our client requested that their gutters be cleared and the downpipes repaired after they were found to have a leak. After surveying the work, we recommended that they have both these jobs done at the same time as their regular window clean.  All platform drivers are IPAF trained to ensure safe operation.