Rope Access London

Rope access  techniques in London are often used to access extremely high or difficult to reach areas. By abseiling from the top of your building, there is virtually nowhere that can’t be reached.

Whether its your window cleaning or general building maintenance, rope access is often the most cost effective method of carrying out high level work.

Abseiling allows a very quick action to be taken on any site. There is no requirement for scaffolding, which allows painting and pressure washing jobs to be undertaken with the minimum of fuss.

There is a minimum of disruption to both your own personnel and to the general public as all access equipment is cleared and the work area left clean and tidy after each visit.

Our London abseiling teams are trained to the internationally recognised IRATA (International Rope Access Trade Association) standard and are always led by a Level 3 professional.

Please give us a call to organise a no obligation quotation for any rope access service.

Window cleaning, building maintenance, gutter repairs, sealant application, bird proofing, steam cleaning, pressure washing, facade cleaning, high level cleaning

There are a multitude of tasks that can be effectively put in to practice using abseil techniques.

By using rope access/ abseilers the lead time for your task is greatly decreased. There is no waiting time for scaffold permits & set up time. Our fully trained abseilers can be on site with the job complete and all equipment taken from the site before any type of permit can be issued.

When using rope access, all you pay for is the manpower & materials. Access platforms, temporary cradles and scaffolding are simply not cost effective in comparison.

Regency Cleaning Ltd were extremely happy to assist in the window cleaning at 20 Fenchurch Street, also known as the Walkie Talkie.

Our abseilers used rope access techniques to carry out the window cleaning of this very complex building. The concave structure of the Walkie Talkie means it is not a straight forward project and was rejected as ‘impossible’ to clean using rope access. As you can see, this is not the case.

So, if you have a building that needs maintenance or cleaning work in an area that could be assumed to be inaccessible, give us a call, our abseilers are here to help.